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 Overview of Archaeology
  -The Greater Caribbean in Pre-Columbian Times

 Caribbean Paleogeography
  -Caribbean Paleo-Geography: From the Mesozoic to the Present

  -Study of Environmental Change

 The origins of Agriculture
  -Anthropogenic Impacts

  -Paleobotanical Analysis of Starch Particles

  -The Origins of Agriculture

 Dynamics of exchange
  -Circulation of Stone Objects among American Indian Cultures of the Caribbean

  -Dynamics of Cultural Interaction in the Caribbean

  -Exotic Animals


 Artistic Expressions
  -Pottery-making Traditions

  -Stonework Techniques

 Social Organization
  -Chiefdoms in the Caribbean

  -Kinship Relationships and their Social Significance in Indigenous Caribbean Communities

 Religious Expressions

  -Adolfo de Hostos y Ayala

  -Benjamin Irving Rouse

  -Betty J. Meggers

  -Edson "Ajamu" Mitchell

  -Fernando Ortiz Fernández

  -Froelich Rainey

  -Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff

  -José Cruxent

  -Luis Chanlatte Baik

  -Mark Raymond Harrington

  -Samuel Kirkland Lothrop

 Overview of Culture
  -General overview of Caribbean cultures

 Religion and Culture
  -Afro-Caribbean Religions in Puerto Rico


  -María Lionza: An Afro-Hispano-indigenous form of Spirituality in Venezuela

  -Religion and Politics



 Ethnic and Racial Diversity
  -Ethnic and Racial Diversity in the Caribbean

  -The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

 Sports and Culture
  -Cricket in the English-Speaking Caribbean

  -Sports and Culture in the Caribbean

 Migration and Globalization of Caribbean Culture
  -Manifestations of Resistance in the Caribbean

  -Migration and Globalization in the Caribbean

  -Urban Culture

 Caribbean Traditions and Customs
  -Caribbean Carnivals

  -Caribbean Oral Traditions

  -Caribbean Traditions and Customs

  -Healing and Curative Practices in the Caribbean

  -Rites of Passage in the Caribbean

  -Alston Barrington Chevannes

  -Antonio Benítez Rojo

  -Edward Kamau Brathwaite

  -Édouard Glissant

  -Flérida Lamarche García de Nolasco

  -Frantz Fanon

  -George Cadle Price

  -Jean Price Mars

  -Lydia Cabrera

  -Rex Nettleford

  -Robert Athlyi Rogers

  -Stuart Hall

   -Adaptation of the Angelito or Baquiné: An Example of Magical-Religious Syncretism Related to Death Rituals in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
   -Caribbean Gastronomy
 Overview of Economy
  -Overview of the Caribbean Economy

 Economic History
  -Economic History of the Caribbean: A General Overview

  -Growth and Economic Development in the Caribbean

  -Intellectual and Economic Development of the Antillean Caribbean

 The Macroeconomy
 Interregional Trade Relations and Agreements
  -Caribbean Ties to the U.S. Economy

  -Economic Implications for the Caribbean Region of Recent Trade Agreements

  -Integration of the Cuban Economy in the Caribbean

  -Interregional trade agreements and relationships

  -Sectorial and Interregional Links in the Caribbean

 Economy and Environment
  -Current Challenges for Industrial Development and the Environmental Economy

  -The Economy and the Environment in the Caribbean

  -The Key Role of Communications in Caribbean Economic Integration

 Economic Integration and International Trade
  -Economic Integration and International Trade in the Caribbean Region

  -Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean

  -The Caribbean and the Economic Growth of China and India

  -The Economy of the English Caribbean

  -The Haitian Economy in the Caribbean Region

 Stylized facts About the Caribbean
  -Distilled Facts about the Caribbean Region

  -The Caribbean Faces a Changing World

  -Clive Yolande Thomas

  -Dennis Pantin

  -Eric St. Cyr

  -Gérard Pierre-Charles

  -Havelock R. Brewster

  -Lloyd Algernon Best

  -Meredith Alister McIntyre

  -Tubal Uriah

  -William Gilbert Demas

   -Migration, Remittances and Economic Development in the Caribbean
 Geography and Environment
 Overview of Geography and Environment
  -Geography and Environment of the Caribbean Region

 Physical Geography
  -Coastal Resources in the Caribbean

  -Geology and Land Features in the Caribbean

  -Physical Geography of the Caribbean Region

  -Soil and Vegetation in the Caribbean

 Human Geography
  -Demographic Geography

  -Economic Geography of the Caribbean Today

  -Human Geography in the Caribbean

  -Political Geography

  -Urban Geography

  -Deforestation and Soil Erosion in the Caribbean

  -Ecosystems and Biodiversity in the Greater Caribbean Region

  -Environmental Pollution in the Caribbean

  -State of the Environment in the Caribbean

  -Water Pollution due to Solid Wastes in the Greater Caribbean Region

 Natural Risks
  -Collaborative and Community Management of Natural Resources in the Caribbean

  -Hurricanes in the Caribbean

  -Natural Hazards

  -Seismic Activity in the Caribbean

 Global Warming and Climate Change
  -Climatology and Meteorology in the Caribbean

  -Global Warming and Climate Change in the Caribbean

 Sustainability and Food Safety
  -Food Security and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean

  - Andrew Simmons

  - Humberto Ríos Labrada

  - Janet Gibson

  - Jean La Rose

  - Jean-Baptiste Chavannes

  - Juan Mayr Maldonado

  - Rosa Elena Simeón Negrín

  -Alexander von Humboldt

  -Alicia Bárcena Ibarra

  -Atherton Martin

 Overview of History
 Conquest and Colonization: 16th and 17th Centuries
  -Conquest and Colonization: The Creation of Caribbean Societies

  -The Encomienda in the Caribbean Islands

 Sugar and Slavery during the 18th Century
  -Africa and the Caribbean

  -Sugar and Slavery in the 17th Century

  -The Haitian Revolution and its Impact in the Caribbean

  -The New Campesinos: Changes in Post-Slavery Caribbean Societies

 Caribbean Development in the 19th Century
  -Abolition of Slavery in the Caribbean

  -Asian Immigration to the Caribbean

  -Black Councils in Cuba

  -Nationalism and Ideology in the 19th Century Caribbean

 The Caribbean in the 20th Century
  -Archaeology, History and the Study of Resistance in Brazil

  -The Caribbean in the 20th Century

  -The Cuban Revolution of 1959

  -The U.S. Invasion of the Dominican Republic

  -C. L. R. James

  -Eric Eustace Williams

  -Fidel Castro

  -Marcus Garvey

  -Mariana Grajales

  -Maurice Bishop

  -Toussaint L'Ouverture

   -Archaeology and History of Slavery in Cuba
   -Gilberto Freyre
   -Juan Francisco Manzano
   -The Spanish-American War, 1898
 Overview of Literature
  -General Overview of Caribbean Literature

 Conquest, Colonization and Literary Creation
  -Asian Influences in Caribbean Literature

  -Conquest and Colonization: The Chronicles and Literary Creation in the Caribbean

  -Linguistic and Cultural Heterogeneity in the Caribbean: The Difficulties of a Caribbean Canon

  -Magical Realism and Caribbean Reality

  -Neo-Baroque and the Tropics

  -The Caribbean Essay: Toward Definitions of Island Societies

 Creole Literature in the 21th Century
  -Development of a Caribbean Literature in the 19th Century

  -Nationalism and the Formation of Literary Canons in the Caribbean

 The Novel-Testimony an the Slave Society
  -Narratives of Slavery and Criticism of Colonialism

  -Plantations and Slavery: The Testimonial

 Reconsideration of the African Culture
  -A Reconsideration of the African Influence in Caribbean Cultures

  -Alejo Carperntier and the Hatian Revolution

  -Post-Slavery Narratives: Family Histories and Genealogical Reconstructions

 The Literary Magazines and Intellectuals
  -Caliban and Caribbean Literature: the Specter of Shakespeare

  -Literary Magazines: Gathering Place for Caribbean Intellectuals

 Diasporic Literature
  -Caribbean Diasporic Literature

  -Colonizer and Colony: Modernist Concepts in Caribbean Literature

  -Literature and Exile: The Writing of the Diaspora

  -Aimé Césaire

  -Alejo Carpentier

  -Carmela Eulate Sanjurjo

  -Derek Walcott

  -Edwidge Danticat

  -Jean Rhys

  -Julia Álvarez

  -Luis Palés Matos

  -Luis Rafael Sánchez

  -Rosario Ferré

  -V.S. Naipaul

  -Wilson Harris

   -Caribbean Artists Movement (CAM)
 Overview of Music
 The Music of the Afrodiasporic Caribbean
  -Africa in the Caribbean: cultural language of rhythm

  -Music of the African Diaspora in the Caribbean

  -Salsa as a Trans-Caribbean Socio-Musical Phenomenon

 The Music of the French Caribbean
  - The Music of Haiti

  -Music of Martinique and Guadeloupe

  -Music of the French Caribbean

 The Music of the English Caribbean
  -Music of the Bahamas: From La Guaira to New Orleans

  -Music of the English Caribbean

  -Music of the Netherlands Antilles

 The Music of the Spanish Caribbean
  -Cuban Punto

  -Music in Cuba

  -Music of the Spanish Caribbean


  -The Bolero in the Caribbean and Latin America

  -The Mambo

 The Overall Music of the Caribbean
  -Caribbean Metagenres

  -Caribbean Music around the World

  -Cuban Music in the United States

  -Fandango in Dominican Popular Music: A Bibliographic Review

  -Jazz and the Caribbean

  -Bob Marley

  -Ernesto Lecuona Casado

  -Jan Gerard Palm

  -Joseph Boulogne (Chevalier de Saint-George)

  -Juan Morel Campos

  -Jules de Palm

  -Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts)

  -Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco)

  -Myrta Silva

  -Nemours Jean-Baptiste

  -Rafael Hernández

  -Weber Sicot

   -Music in Puerto Rico
   -Reggae Music of Jamaica: Its Social and Historical Roots
 Politics and Society
 Overview of Politics and Society
  -Politics in the Caribbean: General characteristics, cohesion and disagreements

  -Threats to Social and National Security: The Internationalization of Corruption and Violence

 Political and Electoral Systems of the Caribbean
  -Caribbean Political and Electoral Systems

  -Democracy and Governability in the Caribbean after the Cold War: the Dominican Republic

  -Political Parties and Representation

  -The State, Political Institutions and the Quality of Democracy

 International Relations
  -Cuba and the Caribbean

  -International Relations

  -Non-Sovereign Territories in the Caribbean

  -Problems of Sovereignty in the Netherlands Antilles

  -Regional Institutions in the Caribbean

  -The Integration of Haiti in the Caribbean

  -The United States and the Caribbean

 Currents of Political Thought and Ideologies
  -Political Thought, Political Currents and Political Ideology

 Civil Society
  -Civil Society

  -Diaspora and Politics

  -Gender and sexuality


  -Resistance, Rebellions and Revolutions in the Caribbean

  -Youth and Society

  -Alexander Bustamante

  -Arthur Lewis

  -Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar

  -Mary Eugenia Charles

  -Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson

  -Walter Rodney

 Visual Arts
 Overview of Visual Arts
 Art and Caribbean Society
  -Caribbean Art on the International Scene

  -Today's Museum at the Crossroads

 Emergence of painting in the Caribbean
  -Art Criticism and the Aesthetic Experience of the Public in Museums

  -Color, Lines and Forms: Drawing and Painting in the Caribbean

  -Emergence of Painting in the Caribbean

 The Graphic: from Poster to Photography
  -Cinema and Photography: Art or Documentation

  -Graphic Arts: From Posters to Photography

  -Video: A stage for new sensations and experimentation in Caribbean art

 Sculpture and Installations: Volumes and Spaces
  -Sculpture and Installation Art, in Volume and Space

  -The Biennials and other Art Events in the Caribbean

 Performance: Between the Imaginary and the Real
  -Art Collecting in the 21st Century: Public and Private Collections

  -Performance Art: Between the Imaginary and the Real

  -The Artist Performance as Part of his Work

 The Arts on the Streets: New Graphisms
  -Resistance Art: The Transformation of Public Spaces

  -Street Art: New Graphics

  -Ada Balcácer

  -Blue Curry

  -Christopher Cozier

  -Edouard Duval Carrié

  -Francisco Oller

  -Jaime Colson

  -José Campeche

  -LeRoy Clarke

  -Manuel Mendive

  -Ramón Oviedo

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