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Route San Juan (under review)
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 Master Lecture
   - Literature as the Root of Puerto Ricanness
   - The Conference of the Birds: Borges and 'Aṭṭār de Nisapur
   -A Student before his Discipline
   -Al Servicio De Clio: The Office of the Official Historian of Puerto Rico
   -An Architecture for Puerto Rico
   -Anticipating an Integrated and Just Planning
   -Borges, the Classics, the Literary Canon, Its Borders and "The Shape of the Sword"
   -Brief History of the San Juan Paving Stones
   -Concept of Avant-garde, Falseness, and Authenticity in the Visual Arts.
   -Dr. Juan Alejo de Arizmendi, First Puerto Rican Bishop
   -Ecological Humanism and the Sociology of Work and Culture
   -Edges of Cultural Survival in the Puerto Rico of Today
   -Evocation of José Antonio Dávila
   -Four Moments in the Luis Cartañá's Poetry
   -Historical Roots of Violence in Puerto Rico
   -Hostos y Giner
   -Humanidad es
   -Humanities in the Curriculum
   -Language as a Fundamental Sign of Puerto Ricanness
   -Living the Humanities
   -Mestizo, I Call Myself Out Loud: On the Textuality of Hybridity in the "Comentarios Reales" by the Inca Garcilaso
   -My Route to the Humanities
   -Notes on my Contribution to the Defense, Promotion and Enrichment of Puerto Rican Culture
   -Opening Up Possibilities
   -Power vs. Meléndez Bruna: The Struggle for a Spain for Everyone
   -Puerto Rico beyond its Visible History
   -Puerto Rico in my Work
   -Studies of My Life as an Educator
   -The Crisis in Contemporary Civilization
   -The Idyllic in Quijote: The Story of Marcela and Grisóstomo
   -The Presence of the Printed Text in Puerto Rican Culture
   -The Puerto Rican Being and His Language (In Light of the Philosophy of Heidegger)
   -The siege of Puerto Rico's Humanity: The Political Repression
   -The Will to be Puerto Rican in my Poetry, Theater and Essays
   -Why do you write?
 Puerto Rico in the world
 About the project :Puerto Rico in the World
  -Introduction to the project Puerto Rico in the world

  -Sumary of the project

  -An Inevitable Agenda

  -Introduction to Enviromental Matters

  -Santurce`s Mane

  -Visual Space deteroration

 Political Sphere
  -Aproach the Concepts of Left and Right

  -Basics of the Political Field

  -Fallacy of Polarization

  -From the Left and the Right

  -Natural Antagonism of the Political

  -Political Field

  -Politics and the Political

  -Puerto Rico Today

  -Security versus Freedom, The Debate

  -There is More to Pull Us Together than to Pull Us Apart

  -Transformation of the Political Antagonisms during the 20th Century

  -United States of America

 Social Sphere
  -A Made-to Measure Body for the 21st Century

  -Crime in Puerto Rico

  -Demographic Dynamics

  -Gender Relations and Families

  -Labor Market Transformation

  -Migration Policies


  -Puerto Rico: A post-work society?


  -Settlement Patterns

  -Social Violence

  -Structural Complicity of Crime

  -The King and the Queen: Confessions of a Fan

  -The Puerto Rican Diaspora

  -White-Collar Crime

 Culture and Education
  -Bad Times for Books

  -Between the Market and Nationalism: How to Create Culture?

  -College Culture

  -Culture & Education

  -Culture and Education: Introduction

  -Four Polarities in the Puerto Rican Paideia

  -Marx`s Criticism of the University

  -Saying Poiesis

  -The Polarity of Modernization and Identity in Latin American Though

  -Value of Poetry

  -We Have Lost the Discontent... in Culture

  -Another Look to Globalization

  -Capitalism against Capitalism


  -Globalization According to Pierre Bourdieu

  -International and Supranational Organizations

  -Worldization and Globalization: A Necessary Distinction

 San Juan: the city that grew beyond its walls
   - Brief Introductory Word from the proyect: San Juan the city that grew beyon its walls
   -Approach to the proyect
   -Demolition of the Walls and Expansion of San Juan
   -From Military Zone to Neighborhood:Puerta de Tierra and the birth of an urban space in San Juan
   -Puerta de Tierra: life in a working-class neighborhood
   -State of the Defenses of San Juan and Demolition of the Walls
  What`s the common denominator among Puerto Ricans
 About the project of Common Denominator
  - Preface

  - Prologue

  - The Labyrinth of Identity

 Democratic Tradition
  -The Democratic Tradition in Puerto Rico

  - The sausage dancing to the rhythm of the tin can: Culinary Illustrations Puerto Rican Cuisine

  -Puerto Rican music as common ground for exchanges, negotiations and collaborative projects

  -Popular religion in Puerto Rico and the African heritage

  -Sports and Identity formation in Puerto Rico

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