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 Interpretations, Debates and Perspectives
 The Archaic Societies
 Migration of Agricultural Pottery-Making Society
 Development of Indigenous Cultures
 From Chieftainships to Complex Societies
 Issues in Archaeology and Ethno-History
 Archaeological Sites
 Exhibitions of Pre-Columbian Items
 Laws to Protect Archaeology
 Electronic Sources about Archaeology
 Artistic Trends in Puerto Rico's History
 The Visual Arts
  Architecture: A General Overview
 The Restoration of Significant Structures
 Structures in the Process of Restoration
 Historic Buildings
 - José Celso Barbosa School, Puerta de Tierra, San Juan
 -Aguadilla: San Carlos Borromeo Church
 -Bayamón: Invención de la Santa Cruz Church
 -Caguas: Dulce Nombre de Jesús Cathedral
 -Coamo: Nuestra Señora de la Valvanera Chapel
 -Dorado: San Antonio de Padua Parish Church
 -Dr. Martin G. Brumbaugh School, Puerta de Tierra, San Juan
 -Former Puerto Rico Casino
 -General Archive and National Library of Puerto Rico, San Juan
 -Hacienda Santa Rita, Guánica
 -Hormigueros: Our Lady of Monserrate Church and Pilgrim's House
 -Ponce: Albergue Caritativo Tricoche/Hospital Tricoche
 -Ponce: Former Spanish Military Hospital / Home for the Blind
 -Ponce: La Santísima Trinidad Episcopal Church
 -Ponce: Nuestra Señora de la Guadalupe Cathedral
 -Ponce: United Methodist Church
 -Puerto Rico Supreme Court Building
 -Ramón Power y Giralt House, San Juan
 -Restoration of the San José Church, San Juan
 -San Juan Customs House
 -San Juan, La Santísima Trinidad Methodist Church
 -San Juan: Casa de España
 -San Juan: Former Post Office and Federal Building
 -San Juan: Miraflores Magazine
 -San Juan: Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel, Miramar
 -San Juan: San Agustín Parish Church, School and Convent in Puerta de Tierra
 -San Juan: San Felipe del Morro Fort
 -San Juan: San José Church
 -San Juan: School of Tropical Medicine Building
 -San Juan: The Fortaleza or The Santa Catalina Palace
 -San Juan: The House with Two Zaguanes/The Corralón of San José
 -Santurce / San Juan: Rafael M. Labra High School / Museum of Contemporary Art
 -Santurce / San Juan: San Mateo de Cangrejos Church
 -The City as Construction: Ponce from the Perspective of its Architecture
 -Vieques: Brief History of Fortín Conde Mirasol
 Performing Arts
 Forms of Contemporary Art
 Entities Promoting Art in Puerto Rico
 Artists' Organizations in Puerto Rico
 Overview of Economy
 Economic History
 The Macroeconomy
 Interregional Trade Relations and Agreements
 Economy and Environment
 Economic Integration and International Trade
 Stylized facts About the Caribbean
 -Migration, Remittances and Economic Development in the Caribbean
 Geography and Environment
 Overview of Literature
 Conquest, Colonization and Literary Creation
 Creole Literature in the 21th Century
 The Novel-Testimony an the Slave Society
 Reconsideration of the African Culture
 The Literary Magazines and Intellectuals
 Diasporic Literature
 -Caribbean Artists Movement (CAM)
 Politics and Society
 Visual Arts
 Puerto Rico's Economy under Spanish Rule
 Puerto Rico's Economy during the 19th Century
 Economic Transition from 19th to 20th Century
 Consequences of the Great Depression of 1930's
 The 1940's
 The Puerto Rican Economy in the Post-War Era
 The Era of Light Industry (1948-1965)
 The Era of Heavy Industry (1965-1982)
 The High Tech Era (1976- to present)
 Current Issues in the Puerto Rican Economy
 Agencies, Associations and Organizations
 Research Centers
 The Ecology of Puerto Rico
 Endangered anf Threatened Species
 Ecosystems -Physical Geography Regions
 Waterscapes -Hydrology
 The Environment an Public Policy in Puerto Rico
 A Brief Environmental History of Puerto Rico
 Origins of the Environmental Movement
 Puerto Rico's Environmental Struggle Evolution
 -Brief Environmental History of Puerto Rico
 The Forests of Puerto RIco
 The Environment and Industrialization
 Environmental Activism and Public Participation
 FPH Projects
 Master Lecture
 - Literature as the Root of Puerto Ricanness
 - The Conference of the Birds: Borges and 'Aṭṭār de Nisapur
 -A Student before his Discipline
 -Al Servicio De Clio: The Office of the Official Historian of Puerto Rico
 -An Architecture for Puerto Rico
 -Anticipating an Integrated and Just Planning
 -Borges, the Classics, the Literary Canon, Its Borders and "The Shape of the Sword"
 -Brief History of the San Juan Paving Stones
 -Concept of Avant-garde, Falseness, and Authenticity in the Visual Arts.
 -Dr. Juan Alejo de Arizmendi, First Puerto Rican Bishop
 -Ecological Humanism and the Sociology of Work and Culture
 -Edges of Cultural Survival in the Puerto Rico of Today
 -Evocation of José Antonio Dávila
 -Four Moments in the Luis Cartañá's Poetry
 -Historical Roots of Violence in Puerto Rico
 -Hostos y Giner
 -Humanidad es
 -Humanities in the Curriculum
 -Language as a Fundamental Sign of Puerto Ricanness
 -Living the Humanities
 -Mestizo, I Call Myself Out Loud: On the Textuality of Hybridity in the "Comentarios Reales" by the Inca Garcilaso
 -My Route to the Humanities
 -Notes on my Contribution to the Defense, Promotion and Enrichment of Puerto Rican Culture
 -Opening Up Possibilities
 -Power vs. Meléndez Bruna: The Struggle for a Spain for Everyone
 -Puerto Rico beyond its Visible History
 -Puerto Rico in my Work
 -Studies of My Life as an Educator
 -The Crisis in Contemporary Civilization
 -The Idyllic in Quijote: The Story of Marcela and Grisóstomo
 -The Presence of the Printed Text in Puerto Rican Culture
 -The Puerto Rican Being and His Language (In Light of the Philosophy of Heidegger)
 -The siege of Puerto Rico's Humanity: The Political Repression
 -The Will to be Puerto Rican in my Poetry, Theater and Essays
 -Why do you write?
 Puerto Rico in the world
 About the project :Puerto Rico in the World
 Political Sphere
 Social Sphere
 Culture and Education
 San Juan: the city that grew beyond its walls
  What`s the common denominator among Puerto Ricans
 The History of the Government
 Fundamental Principles of the Democratic State
 Legislative Branch
 Executive Branch
 Judicial Branch
 Relationship between Government and Society
 Debate over the Island?s Political Status
 Current Issues in the Government
 Labor Movements and the Government
 Electronic Resources about the Government
 Political Speeches
 Synopsis of the History of Puerto Rico
 Conquest and Colonization: (16th-18th Centuries)
 Evolution and Development in the 19th Century
 Puerto Rico in the 20th Century
 Puerto RIco in the 21th Century
 Institutions for the Study of History
 Language and Literature
 General Overview
 Cultural Diversity in the Puerto Rican Language
 Perspectives, Debates and Origins about Language
 Language and Politics
 Dictionaries and Academies
 Radio and Television Campaigns
 Popular Language Glossaries
 General Overview
 Condensed History of Literature
 Avant-garde Literature
 The 1930 Generation
 The 1945 Generation
 The 1960 Generation
 The 1980 Generation
 Literature at the Dawn of the 21st Century
 Literature Abroad
 Children's Literature
 Letters as a Literary Medium
 Literature in Newspapers
 Folklore and Local Traditions
 Literature on the Radio
 Literary Criticism
 Literary Magazines
 Institutions that Support Literary Production
 Literary Prizes Awarded to Puerto Rican Authors
 Media and Communication
 Actual Development of Municipalities
 History and Development of Municipalities
 Aguas Buenas
 Cabo Rojo
 Juana Díaz
 Las Marías
 Las Piedras
 Río Grande
 Sabana Grande
 San Germán
 San Juan
 Río Piedras
 San Lorenzo
 San Sebastián
 Santa Isabel
 Toa Alta
 Toa Baja
 Trujillo Alto
 Vega Alta
 Vega Baja
 Lighthouses of Puerto Rico
 Popular Culture
 Population and Society
 Puerto Rican Diaspora